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   Initial Consultation & Follow Up



Initial Consultation  - 1 Hour 30 Minutes   

As part of the initial consultation, a considerable amount of time is spent establishing the clients medical history, current conditions and well being. My emphasis as a practitioner is then to create an educated, balanced and bespoke plan to suit the clients individual needs and to achieve optimal health.

Follow Up Consultation  - 45 Minutes

After an initial consultation we can decide on an appropriate schedule for follow up visits. Follow up appointments are to monitor your progression and to adjust the protocol to suit your evolving needs. The amount of consultations necessary depends on your unique situation.

Initial Consultation & Follow Up Package  - 2 hours 15 Minutes

This is a special offer package to be paid as a one off payment at a 10% discounted special offer price. For a limited period only.










Skype/ Zoom  - Consultations are available by request.

Family Consultations - Available at a discounted price by request.

Corporate Staff Health & Lifestyle Program - Available by request.

Please Note: Prior to the consultation you will receive a food diary and health questionnaire to complete. These will need to be completed and sent back to me 7 days before the appointment.

Payment for the consultation can be made by bank transfer 7 days prior to the consultation or cash / card payment on the day.

Payment Type Accepted


Vegan/Vegetarian Consultation Dietary Plan  - 1 hour - £65.00

This consultation will give you guidance and support to promote your health and well-being using  wholefood, plant-based nutrition.

Please note: A full consultation is needed if you are suffering from a health condition or symptom.

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If you would like a quick telephone call to discuss how a consultation could benefit you, please email or call me leaving your contact details and I will respond as soon as possible.


Email:   Telephone: 01799 218 010

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