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Naturopathic Health
Joanne D'Urso
Nutritionist & Functional Medicine Practitioner Dip CNM, mBANT, mANP

Functional Medicine has been around for centuries but has been mostly unheard of here in the UK, however its popularity with those working in the medical sector, natural health sectors and amongst the general public is a positive change for peoples health.


Functional Medicine aims to get to the root of health problems rather than simply addressing the symptoms. It focuses on the cause rather than the symptoms themselves. I believe if you give the body all of the tools it needs, it has the ability to heal itself. Naturopathic Health is for those who are looking to optimise their health with an individual and personalised approach.

My ultimate aim as a practitioner is to empower and educate people to take control of their own health, to help people in a state of disease live a healthier, better quality of life and to support people in disease prevention. I work by Naturopathic Principles and I believe it's possible to be free of disease and increase the feeling of well-being by nutrition, lifestyle changes, stress management, movement and good quality sleep.

"A Good Practitioner Can Change Your Life"

"Let Food Be Thy Medicine"

                                          Naturopathic Principles
  • Work to restore and support the powerful healing ability of the body to prevent disease


  • Identify the underlying cause. Evaluating the root cause on all levels


  • Seek to do no harm by employing safe natural therapies  


  • Look at the whole health picture of the person and prepare a bespoke plan 


  • Educate and encourage the client to take responsibility for their own health                                                                                                                           

  • Removing toxic substances and situations from a persons lifestyle to prevent and avoid further harm 


  • Establish and maintain optimal health by supporting the whole body to promote wellness 


  • Prevention is better than cure  


"From my symptoms, Joanne recognised I needed to be referred to my GP for blood test for diabetes and it was established I was in a state of diabetes. Luckily she was able to support me in diet and lifestyle changes to bring my blood sugar levels back to normal" Christian.

"I suffered many years with endometriosis pain. Since Joanne was recommended to me, my overall energy and well being has improved substantially with no more pain. I can't thank her enough" Emma.

"PCOS really affected my life and confidence. After working with Joanne I got my first normal period after 5 years. No more PMS, no more PCOS symptoms and no more acne. I feel confident for the first time in years" Lisa.

"The gout was so painful, I would have tried anything. Working with Joanne has opened my eyes to how my diet and lifestyle was impacting my health. Joanne's knowledge and support has been impeccable" Paul.


"I spent my whole life dieting and was then diagnosed with an under active thyroid. My TSH was at 17, with Joanne's plan it came down to a normal TSH level of 3 in just 6 months. What a change to my life she has made" Anna.

"Nature is the Physician of Man"                                 Hippocrates



The power of food and knowing which foods are right for you is largely underestimated. A visit to my clinic is more than just an appointment, it can be life changing.

I offer a relaxing, caring environment with a passion of finding the "Why" behind your symptoms. Helping people make sustainable changes for better health is what makes me go that extra mile for my clients.

"Helping You Make Positive & Lasting Changes to Your Health"

 Sick & Tired of Feeling

            Sick & Tired?

   Let us help you get yourself    back in balance and feel healthy again.



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